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Buddy High and beyond

Our new UK based Broccoli brand was first brought to life in 2019, growing from a small idea that popped into Dales head while he was smoking alone in his garden shed. has been created to celebrate some of the core aspects of the canna community that often get over looked yet play a massive role as to why most of us started using the plant in the first place.

We understand that there is something very special about Broccoli and its ability to help form amazing bonds between people leading to friendships that can last a lifetime. Smoking together and sharing your high is something truly unique to cannabis and for those of you that have experienced this we are sure you’ll agree. Just think back to the first time you had the giggles or that time you and the gang shared that perfectly cooked pizza after passing the blunt around.  

We also realise that sometimes it's not always possible to hang with the homies and blaze up together but in the same instance we don’t always want to smoke alone. What better way to fill this void with one of our buddies as an extension of your circle of friends.

Our Team

So far I am a one man operation! A 33 year old dad of 3 living in London, England.

Once a fully fledged smoker that lived in on the West coast of the Netherlands just outside Harlem. I would sometimes find myself alone for a few weeks at a time.  It was the first time in my life experiencing what I would call loneliness. From then on I always loved the idea of creating a smoking Buddy. Someone to chill with when watching a movie alone or take with me when on my travels. It was a daunting task starting but one that could not be ignored. With absolutely no business experience I decided to pull the trigger and go for it!