Welcome to Buddy High . . .

A new Broccoli brand that focuses on the social dynamics of this wonderful plant.

Meet our main guy . . .

Lets hang out together

Often some of us can feel quite loney and with the funny things going on in the world we thought that we all needed someone that we can all rely upon. Buddy is here for you and the gang. We understand the bonds that are formed when smoking together, and being apart from friends can somtimes be difficult. Add buddy to your social circle so that you guys can pass the love around and never be apart again!

Collaboration with Woodies CBD

Add some TERPS

We went down to Woodies lab and tested the finest terpenes for you and your Buddy!

These terpenes are amazing for spraying onto your buddy before bedtime as they have a real scense of calmness.

And if that isnt really your thing just imagine the faces of everyone as you open your buddy from his mlyer bag and he Stinks out the entire room.

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100% Money Back

If for some reason you and your Buddy don't get along. Providing you haven't hurt him in any way and its within the return policy. Just pop him in the post with the returns label.

Free Shipping

For all orders over £50 enjoy free shipping. For example order a Buddy for you and a friend and you could save £10-£30.​

Join The Community

Give us a bit of time and shortly we will have a buzzing interactive community.