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Buddy is the perfect cannabis gift for your friends & loved ones. Add buddy to your social circle today!

Buddy High is a unique and innovative cannabis-themed plush toy that provides comfort and companionship to young adults suffering from isolation. The toy is infused with terpenes that produce calming effects, making it a perfect companion for relaxation and stress relief.


Terpene charge!

Enhance your experience by ordering a terpene-infused Buddy High. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in plants, including the cannabis plant, and are responsible for their unique aromas.

Our terpenes are derived from legal cannabis plant extracts and provide a delightful aroma, just like a fresh pack! Maximise your experience by trying a terpene-charged Buddy High.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"I came down to Hyde park for the Buddy high meet and greet! Great team and even better buddies! so glad to become a member of the club. Go buddy"
— Ryan N
Customer reviews
"I bagged myself an OG buddy high and found these adorable little nikes fit him perfectly"
— Sarah M
Customer reviews
"My Buddy does not leave my bed! I love him so much I had to buy the 2nd version"
— N green
Customer reviews
"Very nice quality. It was brought as a gift and I love it".
— Mb